A lifestyle change requires a companion!

Mankan is a control and calculator app that uses the data you enter into the program to help you fit, eat healthy, and exercise. If you are unfamiliar with Mankan, we recommend following the outlined process, which begins with a simple calculation, to better understand how to utilize this app." Changing your lifestyle starts here. The first step is to know the ideal weight!









Ideal weight range

Normal weight



We need a goal to reach the ideal weight!

You are -- kg overweight But don't worry, this amount of excess weight will be reduced in the -- step by using the goal of calorie counting in the mankan.

By calorie counting, we will help you reduce this amount of excess weight. You should be taking in ---- calories per day, but you'll probably find that you're already consuming at least -- percent more than that when you first count calories. If you are not familiar with calorie counting, we offer you the link below.


It's time to pay more attention to your plate

When managing your calories, consider this question: 'Can I obtain all of my daily calories from sweets?' The answer is no! In the plate analysis section, we'll advise you to focus on macronutrients (macro-counting) for better nutritional choices.
For example, you are allowed the following amounts of each macronutrient based on your current weight.

Carbohydrate: -- g
Protein: -- g
Fat: -- g

If you are not familiar with macro-counting, we recommend the following link:

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More activity, more calories burned!

If you follow all the principles of calorie counting, then more physical activity can speed up your weight loss. On the other hand, movement and exercise improve the body's health.
Burning 300 calories with Mankan exercises or the challenges you should take 10,000 steps daily is also beneficial and exciting!
To learn more about Mankan's exercises and challenges, see the page below:

Challenges, an assistant called Mana, reminders, water counting, step counting, and up-to-date and attractive content are other Mankan special features.







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