Beyond the hustle and bustle of brands and advertisements, mannequins have healthy lifestyles, proper nutrition, and exercise that are rarely considered. Your mannequin is your mental ideal of yourself and the mannequin app will only accompany you to achieve your ideal.

Measures various indicators of fitness and health for you and with tools such as calorie counter, pedometer, plate analysis, etc., it will help you to achieve your goals.


Calorie counter

Counting daily calories and managing your metabolism is a proven way to achieve a healthy weight. In Mannequin, using a rich database and a smooth user interface, you have tried to find out the calories you receive most simply and accurately possible, and manage your daily calories to achieve the goal.


Set your weight goal from the mannequin’s suggested goals or personal choice, and reach your ideal weight by activating the goal management and calorie management sections. Providing the ability to fluctuate calorie count is one of the advantages of mannequins. In the target section, turn on your fat-burning engine by activating the fat burner!

Plate analysis

The mannequin analyzes the daily foods you record by macronutrients and displays the right amounts for you according to the chart. This section, along with counting calories or even alone, guarantees your fitness and food health.

Fitness analysis

The fitness analysis section includes recording and analyzing weight and body mass index, recording the size of different parts of the body, and recording and calculating the percentage of fat. You have access to weekly charts for all of these.

Daily water consumption

You can use the reminder and control section of the mannequin daily water consumption to control the amount of water you consume per day.

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